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 2008 Florida Master Gardener Conference

South Florida Native Plant Challenge


Quick Links:    Native Plant Photos    Answer Sheet     Answer Key    Results- Winners   Acknowledgements   

If you would like to try this training exercise, first download and print the Blank Answer sheet, then click on each of the 25 thumbnail photos below.  

A link to the answer key is also included.

(Adobe pdf) Blank Answer sheet


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Answer Key: 

A webpage with links to other photos of these plants.

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DSCN3412.JPG (1635256 bytes)  11 DSCN3413.JPG (1647806 bytes)  12 DSCN3414.JPG (1636806 bytes)  13 DSCN3415.JPG (1604180 bytes)  14 DSCN3416.JPG (1572361 bytes)  15
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 DSCN3429.JPG (1485985 bytes)  21 DSCN3434.JPG (1684854 bytes)   22  DSCN3435.JPG (1594037 bytes)  23 DSCN3438.JPG (1577558 bytes)   24 DSCN3441.JPG (1405411 bytes)   25

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This contest was part of the 


October 19 - 22, 2008

Coral Springs, FL 

         Many thanks to: 

Miami/Dade Co FYN Program Assistant Barbara McAdam

Miami/Dade County Horticulture Agent  Adrian Hunsberger  

Okeechobee County Horticulture Agent Dan Culbert

for providing specimens! 

Master Gardener Program - UF/IFAS   Contest sponsored by:        

 Florida Yards & Neighborhood Program  

University of Florida Master Gardener Program  

The Contest Winners!

Our Co-Winners were:  

Ellie Kane and Peggy Kane

of   Martin County 

with a total score of  24/25.


(PS/ The low score was 9/25:)

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