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Master Gardener Final Exam March 23, 2005

Please complete the following exam and return it to Dan Culbert no later than Monday April 4, 2005.  Please fill in the blank(s), circle the correct answer(s), complete the statement or provide the required information for each question on the exam portion.  You are encouraged to use your books, notes, other written materials or help other classmates via phone, email or in study groups. 

1.   True or False: The stem of a woody dicot is made up of a ring of cambium surrounded by interior wood and exterior bark.  This is why it is important to apply a systemic herbicide to the wood part of a cut stem rather than the outer ring of bark.            

2.   True or False:  If the number of pests is reduced to a manageable level, the type of pest control method being use is called monitoring.           

3.  In your own words - what is a pest?  


4.  Give a simple summary of photosynthesis              


5.  The best way to positively ID a plant insect is:    


6. True or False:  Magnesium deficiencies on palm trees are common when the soil has a high pH.


7. The most notable bat damage occurs as a result of their roosting in:

a. caves

b. bat houses

c. attics

d. all the above


8. Which of the following are important ways to manage pests?

a. hand picking

b. sanitation

c. chemical pesticides                                                      

d. weeding the garden

e. all of the above


9. A pesticide label shows the signal word WARNING - what is the relative toxicity of this product to the applicator?

a. relatively non-toxic                                                               

b. slightly toxic

c. moderately toxic                                                                           

d. highly toxic

e. can not be determined from the label


10. What are three things necessary for wildlife habitat?



11. Which is true about the Kissimmee River Restoration Project?

a. The key agencies involved are the SFWMD, Army Corps of Engineers, and UF/IFAS

b. Phase one of the restoration was completed in 1999 when a canals were backfilled

c. Phase two will put the Riverwoods Field Lab on the edge of a restore river flood plane

d. The health of the Kissimmee River does not affect the health of Lake Okeechobee


12.  In your own words – why can a soil pH test help Florida homeowners?


13. True or False:  When electronically researching a residential turf grass question, the first website a Florida Master Gardener should visit is  

14. True or False:  Air layering, Tip layering, and Mound layering are three methods of sexual propagation.

15.  Plants with a multi-stem or clumping growth habit, offshoots, or with underground storage structures such as rhizomes or tubers can be propagated by?

a. addition

b. subtraction

c. multiplication

d. division

e. all the above

16. True or False:  The key to successfully rooting cuttings and germinating seeds is a moist environment maintained at a favorable temperature.

17. List two reasons for pruning:



18. True or False:  The first step in pruning a shrub or tree is to remove all dead, diseased, or injured branches.

19. A call comes into the Master Gardener office, the homeowner has just finished pruning  some rather large branches. Her question is, should she apply wound dressing to prevent decay? You reply . . .

a. . no, wound dressing does not prevent decay.

b. yes, slap it on -- the more the better.

c. use it, but a moderate amount is best.

d. none of the above

20. Removing a branch over 1 1/2 inches in diameter calls for the ___________ cut method?

a.   one

b.   two

c.   three

d.   four


21. Hedges pruned with a narrow base will . . .

a. lose lower leaves because of insufficient light

b. lose lower branches because of insufficient light

c. both a & b

d. have no bearing on plant growth

22. What is the number one way most home owners can manage plant sucking insects using cultural control measures?

a. apply fungicides

b. release predatory insects

c. reduce moisture

d. buy new plants

e. call your county agent

23. Low temperatures and wind damage are two weather conditions you would recommend that the homeowner protect his __________trees from?

a. oak

b. banana

c. apple

d. popcorn tree

e. Pond cypress tree

24. True or False:  Proper site selection and cultivar choice rank as two of the most important factors in successful fruit growing in the Florida Heartland.


25. Temperatures below 45 degrees are known as?           

a. chilling temperatures

b. cold hours

c. chilling hours

d. winter hours

26. Species and varieties of fruits should be chosen on the basis of:  

a. homeowner preference

b. Master Gardener recommendations

c. historical weather conditions

d. time of year

27. Both annual and perennial herbs should be grouped together to one side of the garden because?    

a. they will not interfere with the preparation of the rest of the garden

b. so the herbs can bond during their growing cycle

c. to allow for specific cultural practices

d. both a & c

28. True or False:  Very few pesticides are labeled for use on herbs.

29. A homeowner calls the Extension office and explains that she has recently purchased a condominium and wants to grow herbs.  However because of her limited living space she wants to know if this is possible, you suggest…

a. planting herbs in a container and placing them on a patio, porch or balcony

b. hanging baskets

c. grow herbs in a limited living space is probably against condo rules

d. both a & b

30. True or False:  Most any container is suitable for mini-gardening as long as it is sufficiently durable and large enough to hold full grown plants.

31. Improved tilth, condition, and structure of the soil are all benefits of adding?

a. sand

b. fertilizer

c. water

d. organic matter

32. Which of the following is NOT a rule for growing good Florida Yard turfgrass:

a. mow at the right height

b. irrigate deeply but infrequently

c. fertilize 2-3x year with 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer

d. verticut your lawn each spring

e. all of the above are FYN turfgrass rules

33. When planting a tree in your Florida Yard, organic & soil conditioning materials are highly recommended to promote good plant establishment and should be mixed into soil at least?

a. at least 2 weeks ahead of planting

b. at least 3 weeks ahead of planting

c. at least 4 weeks ahead of planting

d. none of the above

34. Most vegetables grow best on a soil that has a pH between?

a. 7.0 and 8.5           

b. 5.8 and 7.0           

 c. 4.5 and 5.8

d. none of the above

35. True or False:  When purchasing vegetable plants for transplanting look for strong, vigorous and disease free plants.

36. True or False:  Four hours is the minimum amount of direct sunlight a vegetable garden must receive.

37. True or False:  If the soil in which you plan to plant your vegetable garden registers a pH reading between 3.5 and 5.0 no adjustment in pH needs to be made.  

38. Mulching, adding organic matter, and drip irrigation are all methods of ____________ in a vegetable garden. 

a.     water conservation

b.     weed control

c.     fertilizing

d.     none of the above

39. In vegetable gardens practical weed control is best accomplished by?

a. chemical control

b. hand pulling

c. mechanical control

d. both b & c

40. The frequency of irrigation in a vegetable garden is most dependent upon?

a. soil type

b. location of garden

c. time of year garden is planted

d. variety of vegetable planted

41. Microscopic worms that can reduce growth and yield of vegetables by feeding in or on their roots are called?

a. micro worms                     

b. tiny root weevils 

c. root inhibitors                

d. nematodes

42. True or False:  Most citrus trees consist of two distinct parts called the rootstock & scion.    

43. Budding is the method of choice for propagating young citrus trees because it:

a. works well for citrus

b. requires less skill than types of grafting

c. produces a tree identical to the one from which the propagated material was taken and will fruit in two to three years

d. all the above  

44. True or False:  The greatest need for supplemental irrigation in South Florida occurs in the month of June.  

45. List three native plants found in your neighborhood.

46. True or False:  Sooty mold fungus is a substance that typically grows on exudates from scales, whiteflies, and aphids.

47. Aphid damage can be detected mainly in spring and summer.  The symptoms of this piercing sucking insect include:  

a. dark brown pin-head sized pustules with sandpaper texture on leaf surface.

b. leaves cut, chewed or notched.

c. leaves distorted, often with bumpy, scabby lesions.

d. distortion, curling and/or cupping of leaves.


48. A homeowner calls concerned over raised red spots located on the underside of his citrus trees leaves; he asks what he can spray to control this problem.  You answer…

a. spray with malathion

b. use an spray oil

c. use a systemic insecticide

d. do not attempt a spray control, as this is a friendly fungus called aschersonia.

49. True or False:  Fruit splitting and fruit drop is often accentuated after a period of moisture stress followed by a heavy rain.

50. Rampant growth at the expense of fruit production can be a result of?

a. over- irrigation

b. under- fertilization

c. over-fertilization

d. none of the above


51. A susceptible host, virulent pathogen, and a conducive environment are the three ingredients needed to complete . . .

a. the Boston marathon

b. cell division

c. disease triangle

d. pollination

52. True or False:  In southern Florida , brown patch is mainly a fall and winter turf disease.

53. The major insect pest of bahiagrass is ______________________________ .

a. white grub

b. mole cricket

c. chinch bug

d. dollar spot

54. Bluish-grey areas in the lawn, footprints or tire tracks that remain in the grass long after being made, or many leaf blades folded in half are all indications of:  

a. over watering

b. fungus

c. the need for water

d. insect damage  

55. Which word signals you that a pesticide is highly toxic?

a. warning

b. danger

c. caution

d. allegro

56. What is/are the best way(s) most homeowners can manage plant sucking insects using cultural control measures?

a) apply fungicides

b) release predatory insects

c) reduce moisture

d) buy new plants

e) call your county agent

57. What is the URL for the Featured Creatures website?  


58. Name two Internet sites where you can find out what the recommended insecticides for Florida homeowner fire ant management.


59. What is a common name of a recommended fire ant bait?


60.  How many inches of rainfall do you get at your home?


Diagnostic Segment


61. Is the leaf venation pinnate or palmate?






62. What do you call the mark (circled) on the stem of this tree?





63.  Does this tree (right) show a desirable situation?   Why or Why Not? 


64.   What are appropriate ways to propagate the plant below?


65. Identify by common name this insect. (It was found by a homeowner coming out of a hole in the ground.)


66. Identify by common name this roadside weed.

     67.               Identify the type of flower shown:

       a. perfect

            b. monecious

            c. dioecious

            d. pistillate

68. This plant is has an example of a ____________ shaped leaf?

    a. palmate

    b. pinnate

    c. linear  

                                                                                                          d. cordate


69. This food reserve (left) is an example of a?

a. fruit

b. seed

c. root

d. stem




70. This fruit (right) is an example of:

a. berry

b. pome

c. hesperidium

d. drupe


71. This leaf edge/margin is an example of a/an ______________________ leaf?

a. serrate

b. sinuate

c. deeply lobed

d. entire


72-74. A homeowner finds a pesticide container in their shed with the following label (right) attached to it.   

71. What is the common name of the active ingredient of this product?


73.     What is the target species of this pesticide?     

74.     What should the property owner do with this pesticide container?        


75. This beneficial insect is the larval form of . . .

a. lady beetle

b. green lacewing

c. praying mantid

d. assassin bug


76. Would this insect (above) go through complete or incomplete metamorphosis?

a. complete                   b. incomplete   


77.     What is the advantage of growing this vegetable crop in rows as pictured in this garden?







78. This device (at right)i s an example of:

a. rainfall shut-off device

b. R2D2 attached to a life support system

c. a pressure tester for citrus fruit

d. the trigger for Hussein’s WMD stockpile


79. What caused these citrus leaves (left) to turn black?  What can be done about it?




 80.    Will this disease (above) effect the appearance or internal quality of this piece of fruit?




Congratulations!  Please return this complete exam to Dan Culbert no later than 5 PM , Monday April 4, 2005 .  We will go over the answers on Wednesday April 6th, 10 AM at the Okeechobee Office.