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 duranta cultivars  


Below is a table listing the names of Duranta cultivars found in literature reviews, their stated characteristics especially with regard to leaf and flower color, plus links to sites on the Internet.

Please send any additions, suggestions or questions to the webmaster.

Also see my June 2006 web-page article, Add drops  of Gold to Florida Yards, which list additional references on this ornamental plant.  


Cultivar Name Description / Comments Links to Information source(s) thumbnail photo
Duranta repens 'Alba' Green leaves, All white flowers    
D. erecta 'Alba' Green leaves, white flowers; Good for baskets http://www.logees.com/prodinfo.asp?number=R1225-2   
D. erecta 'Aurea' Deeply yellowed variegated leaves  http://www.callutheran.edu/gf/plants/scientific/gar-3929.htm  and http://www.keithkirsten.com/0010.htm a South African nursery  
D. erecta `Aureo-variegata`
Yellow Margined Skyflower
Lightly yellowed variegated leaf margins  http://www.landscapemart.com/lvl.php?pd1=shpid&pd1pid=durereau&pd2=shlist&pd2ord=d&pd2type=bn&pd2ord=d   
D. repens 'Aussie 2000' green & gold foliage, blue to mauve flowers in Spring and Summer http://www.properties.curtin.edu.au/departments/fm/gardens/explore_gardens/theme_hayman.shtml  
D. erecta 'Blue Thornless'

Bloom Color: Lavender

Foliage Color: Green


Duranta 'Cuban Gold'   “GA best of the bunch” http://ugatrial.hort.uga.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantDetail&plant_id=3081

Commercial Production scheduling: http://www.hmbuckley-il.com/Products/AthensSelect/DurantaCult.htm 

Duranta sp. 'Dwarf Gold' Gold leaves http://www.callutheran.edu/gf/plants/scientific/gar-3887.htm   
D. repens 'Gold Edge' Gold margin variegated leaves Photo: http://www.callutheran.edu/Academic_Programs/Departments/Biology/Wildflowers/gf/plants/family/gar-3659.htm   
D. erecta ‘Gold Mound’ Golden Yellow leaves, dwarf size http://www.fngla.org/news-programs/pyset/poy_detail.asp?plantID=79   
D. repens 'Geisha Girl' Green leaves, purple flowers with white margins http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s150722.htm   
Duranta 'Sapphire Swirl'

 formerly Duranta 'Geisha Girl'

Medium green foliage, flowers light lavender border and marked by a white eye. http://www.logees.com/prodinfo.asp?number=R1227-2   
D. erecta 'Sapphire Showers' Green foliage, violet-blue, ruffled flowers with a narrow, white picotee edge. UF/IFAS Variety trials, Spring 2003: http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/floriculture/springtrials2003/Annuals/d08.htm 

University of Georgia 2004 Variety trial:  http://ugatrial.hort.uga.edu/index.cfm?fuseaction=plants.plantDetail&plant_id=391  

 http://www.greenbeam.com/features/plant102802.stm available from from Twyford International

Duranta erecta 'Sapphire Showers' - Picotee Sky Flower intense violet-blue with a white picotee edge along flared petal tips. http://www.smgrowers.com/products/plants/plantdisplay.asp?plant_id=2568  a California source  
Duranta erecta aurea - 'Sheena's Gold' TM 9512215 Golden foliage with light blue flowers; compact or for standard http://www.keithkirsten.com/0010.htm South Africa nursery  
Duranta 'Sarasota' bright green leaves, large dark blue flowers, fragrant, fewer fruit ref:  http://www.sdhortsoc.org/duranta.htm   
Duranta 'Silver Lace'   ref:  http://www.sdhortsoc.org/duranta.htm   
D. erecta 'Sweet Memories' Light green foliage; dark purple flowers, w. fine white line bordering each petal,  thornless http://www.mswn.com/Plant%20Info%20Sheets/Duranta%20erecta%20Sweet%20Memory.pdf (a western nursery) 

http://www.callutheran.edu/gf/plants/scientific/gar-84.htm http://www.callutheran.edu/gf/plants/scientific/gar-158.htm 

D.  repens 'Variegata' White leaf margins, bluish - purple flowers http://www.plantanswers.com/duranta13.jpg
Duranta 'Variegated Mini Yellow'   ref:  http://www.sdhortsoc.org/duranta.htm   
D. erecta 'White Sapphire Showers'   UF/IFAS Variety trials, Spring 2003: http://hort.ifas.ufl.edu/floriculture/springtrials2003/Annuals/d09.htm   
Duranta 'White Lace'   ref:  http://www.sdhortsoc.org/duranta.htm   

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