Frances Hits the Treasure Coast

The following photos were take by Okeechobee Extension agent Dan Culbert showing effects of Hurricane Frances on the Central east Coastal Florida.

 Long May it wave! 

left: North Hutcheson Island, Fort Pierce

Right: Castaway Cove, Vero Beach  (this tree once "was" a Norfolk Island Pine;  I only added the red lines)

above: barrier island roads and homes in Vero near Indian River were flooded.

below: Carissa hedge on left was burned by directed winds; on right  was unaffected!

above: Vero Power plant cooling tower was damaged; site was flooded.

below: thousands of Giant Land Crabs were displaced by rising water.

above: dooryard grapefruit was stripped; fence fell, ladder untouched!

below: this Eucalyptus tree blew over because it had bougainvillea in its canopy which grew up from the fence.

above: Queen Palms blown over in Okeechobee nursery; the Cabbage palms held up. above: Live Oaks bent and broken in an Okeechobee nursery above: this beachfront home in the Dunes (Vero Beach)  burned when an electrical short occurred after the power was turned on.

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