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Artichoke, globe Cabbage, savoy Endive Okra Squash, butternut

Artichoke, Jerusalem  UF

Carrot, Chantenay   Escarole Onion, Bermuda Squash, crookneck
Asparagus Carrot, Danvers


Onion, Sweet Spanish Squash, Hubbard
Bean, Bush

Carrot, Imperator



Squash, scallop
Bean, horticultural  njha Cauliflower Kohlrabi Parsnip

Squash, straightneck

Bean, Lima Celeriac Leek Pea, English Squash, Table Queen
Bean, pole Celery Lettuce, butterhead Pea, Southern Squash, zucchini
Bean, wax Chard, Swiss Lettuce, crisphead Pepper  UF Sweet corn


Chinese cabbage   UF Lettuce, leaf Potato, Irish Sweet Potato
Broccoli Chives Lettuce, romaine Pumpkin  UF

Tomato  UF

Brussels sprouts Collards Muskmelon Radish Turnip
Cabbage, Golden Acre Cucumber  Mustard Rutabaga Watermelon, Charleston Grey
Cabbage, red Eggplant New Zealand spinach Spinach Watermelon, Crimson Sweet

DISEASES  with  (secondary names)  and multiple sites

Alternaria leafspot (on crucifers)  Cornell

Magnesium deficiency   Potato weather fleck
Bean rust   Nitrogen deficiency   Rootknot      Cornell
Cabbage Black rot  UF Cornell Onion neckrot   Squash powdery mildew  PennState
Cabbage soft rot   (Watery soft rot) Onion purple blotch   Sunscald  
Celery early blight (Cercospora)  PennState   Pepper bacterial spot  UF  Cornell  Tomato bacterial spot   UF   Cornell  
Pepper blossom-end rot (Fig 9)    Penn State Tomato bacterial wilt  Cornell PennState
Celery late blight (Septoria) PennState  Potassium deficiency   Tomato blossom-end rot Cornell
Corn rust (fig.9)    Cornell

Potato early blight  Cornell

Tomato early blight
Corn smut (figs.6-8)   Cornell Potato Rhizoctonia (black scurf) Cornell - Fig 3   PennState p.8-9   Tomato leaf mold  
Cucumber downy mildew   Cornell Watermelon mosaic virus  Cornell  



Beggarweed   Common ragweed   Lambsquarters  
Bermuda grass   Crabgrass   Nutgrass  
Chickweed   Curly dock   Pepperweed (prostrate )(spiny)  
Common cocklebur   Cypressvine morningglory   Pigweed  
Common purslane   Florida pusley   Sicklepod (coffeeweed)  



Aphids [green peach]  [melon]   Colorado potato beetle, larvae Green stinkbug   Leafminer  [Alternate]   Squash bug  
Banded cucumber beetle   Corn earworm   Harlequin bug   Lesser cornstalk borer   Sweet potato weevil  
Bean leaf roller   Cutworm   Imported cabbageworm   Mexican bean beetle, adult   Tomato hornworm  
Cabbage looper   Fall armyworm   June beetle   Mexican bean beetle, larvae Twelve-spotted cucumber beetle  
Click beetle   Field cricket   Leaf-footed plant bug   Mole cricket   White grub  
Colorado potato beetle, adult   Flea beetle   Leafhopper [sharpshooter]   Pickleworm   Wireworm  alternate picture  


Earwig   Ground beetle   Lady beetle   Tachinid fly  
Green garden spider   Honey bee   Praying mantis   Tiger beetle  



Asparagus   Corn, sweet   Onion   Squash, C. maxima  
Beans, Lima   Cucumber   Parsnip   Squash, C. moschata  
Beans, snap   Eggplant   Pea, English   Squash, C. pepo  
Beets   Lettuce, black or white   Pepper   Tomato  
Cabbage   Muskmelon Radish   Watermelon  
Celery   Okra   Spinach, round or prickley  

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